• What effect does injection hyaluronic acid have to the skin?

    Many people know that hyaluronic acid is widely used. It can not only help to moisturize skin, but also effectively delay skin aging. It can also be used to fill lips and nose with.But some women still worry about the effect of injection, So What effect does injection hyaluronic acid have to the ski Read More

  • Something You Have to Know About Hyaluronic Acid Injection

    Hyaluronic acid is a common filling material in micro shaping. Some beauty seekers are not very familiar with the characteristics of hyaluronic acid. So today, let us know more about the magic of hyaluronic acid filling. Hyaluronic acid is more used for facial features and specific parts of the stre Read More

  • How long can the hyaluronic acid filled nasolabial line last?

    How long can the hyaluronic acid filling nasolabial line last? Read More

  • Injectable Hyaluronic Acid - Something you have to know

    With the popularity of hyaluronic acid, more and more people are also aware of the effect of hyaluronic acid on appearance. Hyaluronic acid is no longer a star patent, and many ordinary people can choose hyaluronic acid freely. Hyaluronic acid has the functions of moisturizing, wrinkle removal, fill Read More

  • What is Plla Injection Filler?

    The same is PLLA material, white freeze-dried powder, the particle size of each brand is different, most of the brand microspheres are about 50 microns in diameter. The injection level is between the dermis layer and the superficial layer of the SMAS fascia. PLLA is stable at this level. The capacit Read More

  • The principle of PDO Threading

    The principle of wire carving To put it simply, thread carving is like the reinforced concrete used when building a house. When the doctor skillfully embeds the special absorbable protein thread into the skin, it can support and lift the loose and sagging soft tissues to make it stiff or The sag Read More

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